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Jackie Fewtrell is wife to Andy and mother of Suzanne, Katelyn and Fiona, and teaches the First Signs Baby Sign Language classes.  Jackie and Andy started to sign with their daughter, Suzanne, when she was 7½ months old, in early 2005.  Suzanne began to sign back when she was 8 months old and the lines of communication have been wide open ever since!  They have found Baby Signing to be absolutely indispensable in their parenting and recommend it wholeheartedly to other families.  Besides helping Suzanne to “talk” with everyone in her life at a very early age, signing has been a lot of fun, and has really spurred her on to be a self-confident and contented little girl.

Jackie, Andy, Suzanne and Katelyn are now eager to teach Baby Signing to the latest addition of the family, Fiona, who arrived in February 2010.   We started to sign with Fiona when she was around 6 months old and anticipate a long and fun-filled signing adventure with our girls... at least until Fiona is speaking fluently!

Beyond being a Baby Signing advocate, Jackie also enjoys and advocates babywearing and breastfeeding. 

Jackie graduated from University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse, USA in 1997 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and German language.  She went on to complete one year of a Master’s Degree at the University of Minnesota in CIDE Comparative International Development Education before moving to Peterborough in 1999.

After moving to England, she worked for Teamstudio Europe Ltd as Sales Team Leader for four years before becoming a mother.  In January 2006, the idea was hatched to teach other parents and families about the wonders of First Signs Baby Signing!  First Signs started offering classes in Peterborough in March 2006. 


2018 Update... First Signs classes have been going stong since 2006 and over 750 Peterborough families have attended First Signs classes in the 12 years since we started! In fact, the first two years worth of First Signs' signing babies are now in secondary school!

Jackie's children are now a lot older than the 2010 photo above and have swapped their baby signing for talking, shouting, singing and playing on electronics, just like children do when they are 13, 11 and 8!!

Jackie also began teaching Baby Signing sessions at local Nurseries, Preschools and Children's Centres in 2007 and still gets to enjoy visiting pre-school children today!








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