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Benefits of First Signs Baby Signing


Overview of Benefits

  • Helps your Baby communicate their wants, needs, and emotions
  • Reduces parental frustration, as well as tears and tantrums
  • Enriches and increases positive Parent-Child interaction
  • Gives parents an insight into their Baby's world
  • Allows you to see how clever your Baby truly is!
  • Builds Baby's self-esteem and confidence
  • Accelerates language skills and helps Baby speak sooner
  • Results in a higher IQ in primary school and a larger vocabulary


Helping Baby Communicate

If you can imagine the excitement both you and your Baby would feel if she were able to talk with you from 8 months of age...  this "talking" with Baby Sign not only lets Baby tell you what they want and need ( milk, drink, nappy change, food) but also lets her tell you about all the other exciting things around her (airplane, dog, cat, hat, music). 

Baby Signing allows this two way communication to begin up to a year or more before speech develops sufficiently to fill the communication gap. 

Frustration Reduction

When a child signs with their parents and carers, the frustration felt by parents and children alike surrounding not being able to understand what he wants will vanish.  Once a child learns the knack of using intentional gesture to relay meaning, he will be able to learn new signs very quickly and use them correctly.  As long as the parents and carers help the growing, developing child to learn new signs to help them communicate about their growing interests, frustration can be managed quite well.

Enriching Parent - Child Interaction

Baby Signing in itself is a significant interaction... a parent taking the time to model and teach baby signs to their child can't help but see an increase in Baby's attentiveness to them and Baby's response to those interesting hand movements they are doing!  Once Baby starts to sign back, you will be delighted that they are communicating with you!  When a committed adult invests quality relational time with Baby, the positive interaction builds on itself organically. That is, Baby responds, which motivates more positive interaction from parents, which further bolsters Baby's ability and keenness to interact with Mum and Dad!  It is a wonderful cycle of growing love, learning, and fun between parent and child!

Attending a First Signs Baby Signing class will stimulate parent - child interaction whilst in the class itself, but also during the rest of the week, as you continue to enjoy the songs and rhymes at home, and discuss (perhaps using sign!) together what you learned and revisit the highlight of each class... Beebo Bear!

An Insight into Baby's World

As a parent, you will be amazed to learn what your child is thinking, remembering, looking forward to... and sometimes inventing!  The sense of awe and insight you will feel continues to grow as your child's ability and signing vocabulary develop.  There is no need to wait until your Baby can talk... you can find out what he is thinking now!

Your Baby Is So Clever

When your child's signing vocabulary widens to include things beyond the basic "milk, drink, food, etc," he will start to talk with you about things around him.  He will tell you when he hears birds (which I bet you will not be tuning into as you make his lunch!) and every person you pass will soon be labeled (hopefully correctly) as "man" or "lady."  Your child will start to indicate to you that he is predicting everyday events... signing "horse" before you turn the corner to see them or "home" when you turn into your street.  You will be amazed at how smart your little one is!

Building Self Confidence and Esteem

Baby Signing helps build your child’s self-esteem and confidence levels because she is experiencing both successful communication, and your responsiveness to her efforts make Baby feel her contribution is valued.  Simply the extra time and attention spent helping Baby learn early communication skills, makes Baby feel loved and cared for. 

Self Confidence and Self Esteem are particularly important in a child's development, regardless of how they are fostered.  The feeling of one's significance and worth is a deep, life-long value which is not easily altered and can effect how a person faces the challenges they meet in life.

Accelerating Language Skills

Baby Signing fosters the development of intellectual and cognitive skills which are necessary in order to master speech. When a child starts to sign, they are using the same mental processes needed for vocal communication.  The difference is that a signing child has an extra year or so to learn, use, and develop these skills needed for speaking, and does not have to wait until their vocal chords develop to begin.  Therefore, when a signing child begins to speak, studies show that they have a larger vocabulary and better understanding of words and concept than non-signers. 

Preparing your Child for School

In studies carried out by Baby Signs Institute founders Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn, Baby Signers have been proven to be advanced in their intellectual, emotional, and cognitive development, when compared to non-signing children their own age.  In a study of 8 year olds who had signed as babies, they scored an average of 12 points higher on I.Q. scores than comparable non-signers, giving them the scores of an average 9 year old.  More details about this and other scientific studies carried out on Baby Signing, see “Baby Signs: How to Talk with Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk.”  by Linda Acredolo Ph.D. and Susan Goodwyn Ph.D. See also, Products.


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