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Customer Comments made to First Signs

Andre says: " Hi Jackie, first of all, I want to thank you for the ERGO baby carrier purchase. Thanks to you, we received it on time (well, earlier than expected) for our trip - and it made things so much easier for us! It works like a charm. But more importantly, I want to say that it was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone and I really appreciate your being accommodating re shipping etc. I think many businesses out there can learn a lot from you about customer service. And frankly, I'm not sure how you manage to juggle being a mother as well as a business woman, but hats off to you! I've left you feedback on Trustpilot and want to wish you all the best with the business. Many thanks, Andre" - October 2012

Nicky says: "I wanted to say I was very impressed with the wonderful service: quick reply to my initial query, quick delivery. Outstanding!" - October 2012

Catriona says: "I purchased our ergo baby carrier from first signs as an approved ergo retailer, I almost bought a fake online and wanted the security of knowing the product was genuine.  I had no idea there were a lot of fakes out there... Our son was five months when we bought the ergo and I think a little bit small, but now at six months it works very well.  Very comfortable for me and baby, we have managed a three hour hill walk no problem.  As he gets older and can sit on my back we will hopefully get longer walks in!  Great service from First Signs and very happy we have the real deal." - October 2012

John says: "We received the travel pack today and the wife loves it.  You were absolutely spot on that this is a nicer pack compared to the original backpack.  The material is really nice. Thanks for the advice and quick shipment!  Nice to have someone on the other end very knowledgeable about the products they are selling." - September 2012

Laura says: "Hi i was meant to mail last week to say how impressed we were with the ergo carrier!  Will def be recommending your store" - August 2012

Hesione says: "Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for your prompt service - the ergo arrived this morning first thing! I've already taken Nora out in it for a walk and she was ever so comfy in it and so was I. I also got asked a few times where I had got it from as the purple seems to be hard to come by. Looking at the carrier I can see that the one I borrowed from a friend to try was a fake, albeit a rather convincing one, and the real one is so much better quality. I shall certainly recommend you to anyone who asks where they can get one!" - July 2012

Jessica says: "Hi Jackie, We had a day at whipsnade zoo a hot one at that and opted for no pushchair which for us with Teddy being a wonderful walker but a monster once he is tired ( as they all can be ) is risky business. Off we went backpack with the essentials and the gorgeous ergo Carrier tucked inside. We had a wonderful day and when Teddy got tired out came the carrier he happily hopped in and had an hours rest. My husband & I keep saying why did we not discover ergo sooner. No parking the pushchair and leaving it while you see a show etc which I refuse to do incase it gets pinched ( it cost a fortune ! ) both parents hands free the best family day out yet. I saw so many family's struggling and we breezed on through with the ergo now officially tried & tested on a day out & it was so convenient and made life so much easier :-) Can't thank you enough I only wish ergos were more widely known as I would have loved and used one to death had I got one earlier for Teddy. Thank you Jessica" - July 2012

Abi says: "I would definitely order from First Signs again. Jackie was incredibly helpful and communicative despite a Royal Mail hiccup and I'm really happy with the quality of the product too." - June 2012

Richard says: "Thanks Jackie - it's great to be able to support independent retailers and do so on recommendations from other customers who've had great service. All the best, Richard" - Oct 2011

Debbie says: "Hi Jackie, Thanks for the fast delivery and absolutely love the product! thanks, Debbie" - May 09  

Kelly, mum of 1, says: "I just want to say that I think your customer service is fantastic and would and have recommended people to buy from First Signs. It is a fantastic carrier - small enough to take where every you go, simple enough to put on in a hurry and comfortable enough to carry a heavy toddler!!! I have been handing out your business cards whenever anyone looks at the carrier for more than 5 seconds!! Everyone should have an ERGO!!" - April 09

Margretta, mum of 1, says: "Dear Jackie, We're delighted with the carrier, it's SO much more comfortable than the Baby Bjorn, I wish I had discovered it months ago! The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee definitely helped with my decision making... especially after having already purchased a carrier in the past for a rather hefty sum and found it uncomfortable with a heavy baby. I am very satisfied with my dealings with First Signs... prompt responses and very professional, with good personal touch. Payment was quick, easy, secure, and your website was very helpful in reassuring me that all your previous customers have really enjoyed the carrier. I have found using the carrier a complete delight. I still have to master the back position without sitting on a bed, but so comfy once my baby is on my back.  Easy to use for front position, and I still have to try out the side position. I use the carrier every week, several times. I already have recommended the ERGO to my friend, and my friend bought one. Do yourself a favour, get this carrier over ALL the others!" - April 09

"Brilliant advice about the ERGO pre-sales!  Trying it on was very helpful."  - Sept 08

"I found Jackie was very helpful and informative over the phone and by email, it helped me a lot with first attempts with the ERGO. I already knew about the ERGO carrier and had researched well what I wanted, but the 30 day money back guarantee allowed me to try the sling and make sure it was right for me without having to spend even more money.   Jackie was very helpful and found lots of information I had not found about different ways to wear the carrier and I found one that was just right for meYes, I would recommend First Signs to others, excellent customer support and trial, couldn't ask for more reallyYou really should get this sling wider known its far better than the baby biorn things that cost more and so easy and comfortable to wear."   - Sept 08


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