The many uses for the ERGObaby Carrier in real life



Here are some of the things that I regularly do with my child in my ERGObaby Carrier:      

  • hoover the house (she always falls asleep)
  • go shopping / grocery shopping
  • mow the lawn
  • go for walks
  • days out with the family
  • cook dinner & wash up
  • cuddle a poorly baby while still getting something done!
  • teach my baby sign language classes (my 16 month old has her nap in the carrier while I teach classes every Monday morning)
  • carry lots of stuff to and from the car without letting my child run away/ get run over
  • all airport, bus, train travel situations (recently used to keep my child asleep in carrier whilst I got some sleep sitting up in  the airplane seat!  She slept all the way from Chicago to London in the cattle-class seat with me!)
  • take my older child (and myself) to a public loo without getting my precious little one anywhere close to any of it!
  • help my baby fall asleep when she is upset
  • breastfeed while standing / walking
  • clean the house
  • provide a cozy napping area for my children when we are out
  • attend church services & work in Sunday School
  • carry my 4 year old when she wants to be carried home from the shops
  • walking in the snow and ice, sandy beach, etc where a pushchair cannot get through
  • on a bike ride (I am sure that this is not recommended)
  • for jabs - my baby sits in the ERGO on my front and is in the perfect position (pulling her leg out a bit) to get a cuddle and firm hold from me whilst she gets her jabs
  • taking walks where my toddler wants to walk... then be carried... then walk... then be carried....


I think that you get my drift... this carrier has been a real lifesaver for me and I really like it's flexibility and usability in the "real world" of being a parent.  It even has really handy features, like being machine washable, really small / light when not in use, fitting all your different age children, little zipper pocket for your keys, purse, and a nappy...  and it is comfortable enough that I have often worn it for hours on end without difficulty (Did i mention that I used to teach all my classes with her on my back? - now she is older, she is only on my back when she is tired / sleeping during class! )

Most people who try the ERGO Baby Carrier on recognise straight away that it is head and shoulders above other carriers (I previously used a framed backpack... :0) because the ERGO Baby Carrier is so comfortable and flexible enough to be used in any situation.

For helpful, friendly assistance contact: Jackie Fewtrell