What Parents say about the ERGObaby Carrier



Helen says: "Hi Jackie, Just to let you know that I am absolutely thrilled with my new Ergo. I have used it daily since it arrived last week and is honestly the best money I have spent. My son is 8mths old and I have struggled to get stuff done around the house and with my older children as he likes to be carried everywhere, I now pop him on my back and get on with my day. I suffered from terrible back trouble whilst pregnant and other carriers caused me discomfort yet with the Ergo I can wear it for hours and Gabriel(who's 22lb!) feels as light as a feather,and it's so comfortable! I am recommending these to absolutely everybody,their fantastic! A huge thank you again, Helen" - August 2012

Hesione says: "Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for your prompt service - the ergo arrived this morning first thing! I've already taken Nora out in it for a walk and she was ever so comfy in it and so was I. I also got asked a few times where I had got it from as the purple seems to be hard to come by. Looking at the carrier I can see that the one I borrowed from a friend to try was a fake, albeit a rather convincing one, and the real one is so much better quality. I shall certainly recommend you to anyone who asks where they can get one!" - July 2012

Terri says: "Dear Jackie, Fab, Thank you. I've been using the ergo loads - managed a walk for 4 hours in the breacon beacons carrying him on my front and he loves it for nap times..in fact it has solved a big napping problem so a big success. Also had lots of interest from friends who I've sent to your website. I got some of the teething pads from amazon when you were out of stock as the minute I got it he started sucking so I realised how important they were..but I wanted 2 so that I'm not without whilst one is in the wash. Best wishes" - Oct 2011

Kelly, mum of 1, says: "Hello Jackie, I've been meaning to email for you ages about this product. I found your services extremely helpful. The ergo baby carrier was recommended to me by an American friend of a friend. She had a baby around the same age of my little girl at the time (six/seven months). I already had a carrier and a sling, but had found that Bethan had either outgrown the product, or it was too complicated to use. I was looking for something simple to use, comfortable and one that had longevity, as I planned to use it indefinitely. I have very little sight, and walk with a white cane. Although I was using the pram, without the stick, I wanted to use the carrier more, and use the white stick for added safely. Bethan is over a year now, and I'm still using it. She seems very comfortable and I don't feel her weight too much at all. (which is good, because she is becoming a wee pudding). I would recommend it to other people, particularly blind mothers, as I have found it very useful indeed. I hope you find these comments useful. Thank you and best wishes" - Nov 09

Alexa, mum of 1, says: "Hi Jackie, I'm not sure if you remember me. I bought a baby carrier from you I think about a month ago. You gave me loads of helpful advice on how to get my son Bryn, then 4 months comfy in the carrier. I can happily say that he is now comfy in it and used to it and I love it! I had thought that I would only use it when I was out and about with both my children, Amelia, my toddler being in the pram and me carrying Bryn, as Bryn is so heavy but the sling is so comfy that I carry him even when I have the option of putting him the pram. Thanks once again for all your help. Good luck with your third. Alexa -Nov 09

Clare, mum to Sophie, says: "Hi jackie, Just wanted to say that the Ergo is fantastic. I am really pleased that I bought one as I can carry Sophie anywhere for any length of time and it still feels like she weighs nothing!" - Oct 09

Sandra, Grandma of 1, says: "Julia is loving the Ergocarrier, it really distributes the weight of our beautiful, ever growing granddaughter!" - Sept 09

Olivia, mum of 1, says: " Easy to make payment to First Signs and it was the best price on the internet and very fast delivery. I find the ERGO very useful particularly when visiting places that are difficult to access with a pushchair. Comfortable to wear and our daughter feel asleep easily in it." - Sept 09

Madeline, mum of 1, says: "(of buying with First Signs) I got it really quickly- great advice and examples for use- especially around using this for a toddler. The Ergo is really useful for those buggy unfriendly places- boats, beach etc and invaluable on holiday. My daughter (now 18 months) loves it." - Sept 09

Natalie, mum of 1, says: "Hi Jackie We're really enjoying using our ERGObaby carrier.  So much so we hardly use the buggy. I struggled to use a cloth sling when our daughter was 6mths but once we got the ERGO I had no problem carrying her out on walks.  She is now 15mths and I still don't have a problem.  Yes, she's heavier but the ERGO's weight distribution is so good that it is possible to go for a decent hour and a half walk.  Lots of people who see use regularly still remark that it is amazing we are still able to carry her.  It is has made our friends, who are keen on slings but gave up using them a while ago due to weight - think again about the type(s) of sling they have. We decided to buy the weather proof cover, something First Signs didn't stock and we've found it fantastic.  It has kept our daughter snug and warm in all wet, cold and windy conditions.  We'd recommend First Signs stocks it and that people get it as part of the package.  The only snag, if your baby is on your back, is ensuring that the baby's head can be supported during sleep.  ERGO missed a couple of useful fastenings to combine the baby head support and weather proof cover - but we've got round it.  We must praise the baby head support for sleeping though. Our daughter loves going in the sling and she is already showing signs that she understands what to do to get into the sling in the back position. First Signs were able to provide the ERGO carrier at a very good price and their service was very good.  The ERGO arrived very promptly and we were kept updated at all times as to its progress on reaching us. Thanks! Natalie, Michael & Yasmine" - Sept 09

Sharon, mum of 2, says: "I find the ergo very comfortable and it causes least strain on me of all the carriers/slings I have. I never really used the newborn insert though as my baby was tiny during a hot summer and I felt it was too thick and hot. If my baby is tired he struggles upon going in until I start walking which soothes him. Patting his bottom seems to help as well - I've heard many other mums say the same!" - Sept 09

Mui, mum of 1, says: " First Sign's advice was good throughout purchase and what I needed. Excellent carrier, easy to use and comfortable in a range of positions. Good support compared to babybjorn as weight is more easily distributed. Good for heavier older babies. Highly recommended. I often keep carrier under buggy especially, when she's a little restless, to use whilst out. Good for supermarket shopping when little!" - Sept 09

Lucy, mum of 1, says: "Dear Jackie, I have found the Ergo baby carrier much better for my bad back than carriers that go on the front. It is quite tricky to get the baby in on the back on your own but I am getting better at it. I have only done it at home, now without a mirror but still over a sofa. My baby is 10 months now and she is really starting to think it is fun to ride on my back. I would definitely recommend it." - Sept 09

Jacolyn, mum of 1, says: I absolutely love my Ergo, it's perfect. My daughter is now 10 months and too heavy to spend a lot of time in the ring sling, Ergo Baby has given us a new lease of life. She sits on my front for normal life but on my back for longer trips and walking the dog and I hardly notice she's there. My husband is more than happy to take his turn with this carrier and I've even used it to carry my 3 yr old niece back from a long walk. I recommend it to everyone and I've been trying to get my friends to try it, especially those scared off by uncomfortable BabyBjorn carriers which pull on your shoulders. I plan to keep using it with my daughter for years yet. Thank you. Also, the carrier turned up much quicker than I'd expected and was really well packaged. I recommend the 30 day money back guarantee to all my friend's who have shown an interest because you can't really go wrong with an offer like that. Thank you again." - Sept 09

Nicki, mum of 1, says: "Thanks Jackie, Received the carrier this evening. Leo was comfy up front. It's going to take a bit of practice on our backs, Really looking forward to trying it out. It already feels better than any other I've tried on. Many thanks" - Sept 09

Catherine, mum of 3, says: "I found buying from First Signs a very positive experience. I was offered two options- to come and try one out at the stockists home, and receive personal advice on how to fit and wear and all the colours and accessories available or to order and try at home and contact stockist for further advice. I went to try the carrier on. It was very handy as we could try it with our daughter and my husband could also attend. We found that it was easy to pay by cheque and were explained the 30 day money back guarantee etc.. but we haven't needed to use this. I find the carrier very easy to use, especially worn on the front at the moment ( my daughter is 9 months old). She is fairly heavy and long for her age, and although I had used a BabyBjorn carrier up until I purchased this (7.5 months), which was great and easy to use- this carrier takes us to the next level and beyond, hopefully!. It can support her additional weight, away from my lower back and shoulders, it's fabric and is easy to wash and dry, and the accessories ( back pack and dribble covers are a really great idea.. also very washable!!..). I didn't want to have to use a metal based baby frame carrier but wanted to continue to carry my little girl, as we both love it, so this carrier is fantastic. It's easy to carry out on a daily basis- even if you are taking a buggy too, as it is light weight and very flexible as easily folds into it's carry bag, or just over your arm. I like that with this carrier you can carry on your front, back and hip, and it's so easy to place baby into and into place single handedly ( all too importantly). A fantastic buy.. really great value for money. I use it more than the pram that I have, and I take it out to most places that we go. It's especially good for shopping trips, going on public transport, wearing in venues: such as church , at the supermarket.. trips around zoos and in parks.. just most places really... Complete value for money and keeps you close to your baby for longer.. Fantastic buy! I recommend it to every one." - Sept 09

Olga, mum of 1, says: "Dear Jackie, Thank you very much for ErgoBaby Carrier. It's fantastic and all of us love it! Thank you once more Best wishes" - Aug 09

Karen, mum of 1, says: "Just a quick note to say Thanks for the wonderful carrier.  I've not been very well since the birth and was struggling with Eleanor in the Baby Bjorn that we had - I thought it was because I had lost my strengh not so - the other day we had our first walk with the dog in about four months, she feel asleep half way round and I kept her in while I sorted the washing when I got home.  Now the dog is getting his afternoon hikes and Eleanor an afternoon nap and I don't have a sore back.  Daddy likes it too. So thanks from all of us - especially the dog!!" - Aug 09

Rachel, mum of 1, says: "Hi Jackie, Sorry it has taken me so long to get in touch to say thank you for the Ergo! But here it is... THANK YOU!!! It's just perfect and Harry and I love our Ergo cuddles on the way to the shops. We also travelled to Spalding on the train with the Ergo and he rode on my back quite happily.
I've attached a pic...it's not the best in the world...but it was Harry and I using the Ergo at a rainy Whipsnade on his birthday. We were standing by the elephants whilst they were out for a stroll. Harry had a wonderful birthday... I hope you continue to show other ladies the wonder of the Ergo as it really is brilliant! Many thanks, Rachel and Harry" - June 09

Sneha, mum of 1, says: "Dear Jackie - as soon as I got the Ergo carrier, I travelled abroad where I was for three months & have only just got back. The ERGO is a great product-used it when I travelled in India & it was indispensable. Thank you." - June 09

Ahfia, mum of 1, says:" Hi, Of course I would love to leave feedback. You saved my life!! I found the information given before my purchase to be very helpful. I loved the fact that there was a “guarantee” with the item as it is not cheap buying children’s stuff, especially when you’re doing so much trial and error and “wasting money” so to speak. This was definitely money well spent!! I live abroad and as mentioned before was tired of all the trial and error buying. Regardless of ones level of wealth its just frustrating buying products promising to make your life “better” and “easier” but they only prove to be a load of fob and absolutely useless. Having no family here I had no “extra help” and could only rely on myself (and my Ergo now!) I love it. The carrier has saved my back and tantrums. Its great and easy to use! And I haven’t even attempted the back way of carrying yet. Living in Egypt our method of travel is buy car. But when I travel I use it .. when we go shopping I use it and I find it better than the pushchair here. I couldn’t possibly say how often I use it, but if we’re shopping its with me. If we travel its with me, and I have even bought a special bag to put it in when I am out!

Would I recommend others buy the Ergo Carrier? Absolutely. I have a back problem and no, not your regular pain, I actually have a problem which was found in the MRI scan, and carrying her (now 2 years old) even just to the corner shop (bearing in mind there are no pavements here and cars/animals/people use the road all at the same time) was a nightmare. I’d get more tired and risk my back problem getting worse the older and heavier she got. This carrier helped distribute her weight around my body evenly and I mainly wear her on my hip!!! I have never had pains after using the carrier; even after two hours (at the airport!) Yay Ergo! The amazing thing about this carrier is that there are so many different positions you can use it. The fact that I can use it while she’s a toddler and thereafter when she’s older really excites me. It just means that it makes my life easier and things like travelling a doddle! Putting it on takes well under a minute or even a few seconds, dare I say it. The little one loves it and I will be sure to be using it for a long while to come. Thank You, Jackie, for having faith in this item and passing your belief onto me. I am an Ergo convert!!  It definitely is a valued member of our family! Thank you, Ahfia x" - May 09

Barbara, mum of 1, says: "Thanks for the rapid response to my enquiry regarding the rucksack and pouch to go with my ERGObaby sport. Both have proved to be really useful additions to the carrier, ensuring that I can have free hands when I am out and about and all our essentials to hand when necessary. Josh loves being in the carrier, normally falling asleep- or just having a good look around from a height!" - May 09

Dorthea, mum of 3, says: "What a fabulous way to carry your baby! I wish I had discovered this carrier when my first baby was born and not (as I did) with my third! I use my Ergo everyday and I already have recommended the Ergo carrier to many people, even to a stranger on a train and since I had your cards handy in the pocket even directed her to you! :) It's just such an easy way to carry your child. I had three children under four when my third child was born and it made having to buy a two-seater buggy unnecessary since the youngest and the middle one could alternate between the buggy and the Ergo Carrier. The older one on the back and the younger one in front. I had used a Wilkinet carrier previously and always had a sore back from carrying, the Ergo just distributes any weight evenly and I can walk much longer without feeling the strain. It is sometimes a bit fiddly to get the child on your back (especially in winter when both you and the baby wear many layers) but once the child is in the right place it's just fantastic! I would recommend this carrier to anyone who wants to avoid getting too many pieces of equipment since it really does away with slings and backpacks etc. I think the 30 day trial is a very good idea since I had time to try a friends' carrier and found that very helpful." - May 09

Madeline, mum of 1, says: "Hi, I just wanted to say thank you. The carrier arrived the next day- just in time to visit our friends' new houseboat, which would not have been reachable with a buggy. Fantastic, I do love it! take care, Madeline" - May 09

Emma, mum of 1, says: " They have arrived!!!!! Yipeee, really it is fab – used it the first day and am already addicted – will definitely be telling all my pregnancy yoga students about them.  Thanks for all your help! Emma x" - May 09

Cathy, mum of 1, says: " Nice carrier, find it difficult to carry Charlie on my back unless there is someone who can help getting him on/off, although is very comfortable and easy once he is in place. Carrier is fine on the front too, although harder on my back to carry him for more than an hour or so.  I think it is not as easy to get a baby into the back carrying position safely on your own as the DVD seems to suggest. Bear in mind that these are very flexible women wearing only a t-shirt. In the Scottish winter with lots of layers it is not nearly as easy to manouvre the baby about!" - May 09

Lusi, mum of 2, says: "I love the Ergo and recommend it to anyone. I am now child-minding for a friend and I carry her daughter on my back in the ergo too, as I recomended it to them!  I put my baby on my back from about 6months with the Ergo baby carrier. This was very important as I already had a toddler who needed help wtih potty training, etc, which was very inconvenient when the baby was sleeping on my front. Putting him easily on my back made a huge difference and I put him on my back every time I went out, every day. As he got older my son started to leap into the buggy - he wouldn't go in the carrier... but now he loves it again, as does his older brother who is 3.5 years old (and heavy!). The ERGO is great because it is so light and easy to carry, unlike backpacks with a frame which are a pain if you are travelling as we do - environmentally on public transport with two toddlers, but then when you get to where you need to go you sometimes need to carry the toddlers. The Ergo is also fantastic for naps... it is still my son's preferred way of going to sleep ...well, the only way we have any chance of getting him to sleep during the day at all is putting him in the Ergo on my back (or his Dad's of course). - April 09

Alexia, mum of 1(nearly 2!), says: "I love using the Ergo! Am having no 2 in October all being well so will be ordering the newborn insert soon after... Thanks Alexia" - April 09

Joanne, mum of 1, says: "I had been toying with buying an Ergo carrier for a while, but was concerned that my son would not like it, or that I would find it awkward to use in comparison to my other baby carriers. The 30-day money back guarantee took the risk out of the purchase. My son (7 months) weighs almost 22 pounds but I can use the Ergo to carry him on my back comfortably for at least a couple of hours (probably longer, but not had the need to yet). I can also comfortably carry him on my front for shorter durations. My son likes to chew the sucking pads a lot, to the point where he normally ignores the toys I attach to the Ergo for him!  I used to carry my son in a wrap, but he is tall and heavy for his age and can also be very wriggly (constantly twisting and turning to look at things). I found that the wrap tended to lose its shape after a while and I was often having to stop, take him out, and re-tie it, which was inconvenient when out of the house. The Ergo is perfect for him, as he can wriggle about in it as much as he likes, and I don't get shoulder ache! - April 09

Mui, mum of 1, says: "Jackie, Thank you for items. Great service and quality - thanks again!" - April 09

Zoe, mum of 2, says: "I am very satisfied with my dealings with First Signs. I got an amazingly prompt responses from initial enquiry to getting the carrier in the post. Much faster than expected, brilliant! Easy payment and the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee means that I feel comfortable recommending you to my friends! Keep up the good work! I am also very satisfied with the ERGO and I use my carrier everyday the kids aren't in nursery! I also use the sucking pads and I wouldn't be without them! My 7 month old loves chewing them and for some strange reason the velcro opening and closing keeps the 2 year old entertained!  I absolutely love this carrier, the combinations available and the capability to stick it in the pushchair, which means I have been able to ditch my double buggy and go back to an easy single buggy. The Ergo allows me to carry either my 7 month old or my 2 year old. Fantastic freedom returns. It doesn't have to just be short walks either, the 2 year old has been carried for 3 hours and was still feeling human at the end of it. I have already recommended the ERGO to others!" - April 09

Creenagh, mum of 1, says: "Buying through First Signs was fast, thorough and efficient.  Ordered on Thursday.  Received on Saturday.  Perfect as I needed it on the Sunday for holiday! I am very very very very very satisfied with the ERGO!  I had originally bought the Patapum Toddler carrier as I was buying it to carry my 2 yr 8mth old 15kg 100+cm son.  (Going on extended holiday and borrowing a pushchair at the other end so wanted it for the long haul flight and airport waiting; not to mention dear son prefers to be carried and by mummy only thank you very much.)  After fiddling endlessly with the Patapum Toddler carrier and not getting comfortable and having an aching back after carrying him around the house for 10 minutes and having him repeat "get out get out get out get out", I knew that that one wasn’t for us.  I then remembered seeing my neighbours newborn in a sling side on which reminded me of the pictures I’d seen of an Ergo newborn insert.  I asked her if it was an Ergo and if I could try it.  The instant I tried it on it felt like it was made for us.  No adjusting to get comfy; no steep learning curve.  Perfect for me who never refuses to carry my son, but my arms now get tired as he’s getting bigger.  The Ergo allows me to support his weight but still wrap my arm around him like I am carrying him.  It was a godsend in the airport at the end of a 24 hour journey.  I felt quite smug with my little one my back while we could collect bags and push luggage trolleys.  There were tired kids all around us too tired to walk, some not wanting to go in their pushchairs and wanting carrying where their parents were pushing buggys, luggage trolleys and didn’t even have a spare hand to hold hands.  I got a lot of looks as we peacefully strolled on past…  Once on holiday I had the time to get the instructions out and work out the hip carry which we use mostly now.  We used it a lot in markets when it was busy with people so I could carry on with the food shopping while holding my son.  He loved it too as they had taste testers of foods out and he could now reach or help me pick out fruit and veg.  It’s great for journeys back from the park when they are tired but it’s too close to take a buggy.  All in all I love it and wish I’d found it 3 years ago when he was a newborn – not the baby Bjorn which he outgrew when he was 8mths old!  Can’t wait to have another so we can use it again ;-)!" - April 09

Christabel, mum of 1, says: "I am very satisfied with the ERGO. I also use the front waist pack, rucksack, sucking pads.. using the rucksack when attatched to the carrier in the back carrying position is a godsend." - April 09

Jane, mum of 1, says: "I didn’t find the video suggestion the best way to get my son in the carrier as he was very heavy, even at 11 months. Even now it’s a struggle on my own but with some determination we do manage. It’s a bit daunting at first and I worry if he’s in properly but after a few jiggles he’s fine. He loves it but is now wanting to walk everywhere but the ERGO always comes with us in case he needs a carry. The Ergo distributes the weight very well and is very comfortable on long walks." - April 09

Julia, mum of 1, says: "I didn't buy an ERGO until my son was 2 years old.  Wish I had bought one when he was born.  I use it in conjunction with a Kindercoat and find the combo excellent." - April 09

Nikki, mum of 1, says: "I just love being able to put my rather weighty baby on my back, without the need of a bulky hiking rucksack carrier (which we had but just isn't practical around the house). With a 3.5 year old and new (heavy) baby, and house in refurbishment chaos (i.e. very baby unfriendly), I found the Ergo Carrier fantastic as I could actually get some tasks done. In particular I found being able to put my new baby on my back whilst I got dinner ready fantastic, as this is often a tricky time with cranky baby and need to get dinner ready for older sibling, etc. My baby loved to either watch what I was up to or to fall asleep." - April 09

Kelly, mum of 1, says: "I just want to say that I think your customer service is fantastic and would and have recommended people to buy from First Signs. It is a fantastic carrier - small enough to take where every you go, simple enough to put on in a hurry and comfortable enough to carry a heavy toddler!!! I have been handing out your business cards whenever anyone looks at the carrier for more than 5 seconds!! Everyone should have an ERGO!!" - April 09

Lauren, mum of 1, says: " Jackie let me practise with her carrier to make sure it mould be suitable, which I found very helpful. The adjustable straps mean that me and my husband can both wear it very comfortably despite our large height difference (he is 6.1ft and I am 5.3ft). The ERGO gives my baby a better view when we travel and it is lovely to be close to each other." - April 09

Margretta, mum of 1, says: "Dear Jackie, We're delighted with the carrier, it's SO much more comfortable than the Baby Bjorn, I wish I had discovered it months ago! The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee definitely helped with my decision making... especially after having already purchased a carrier in the past for a rather hefty sum and found it uncomfortable with a heavy baby. I am very satisfied with my dealings with First Signs... prompt responses and very professional, with good personal touch. Payment was quick, easy, secure, and your website was very helpful in reassuring me that all your previous customers have really enjoyed the carrier. I have found using the carrier a complete delight. I still have to master the back position without sitting on a bed, but so comfy once my baby is on my back.  Easy to use for front position, and I still have to try out the side position. I use the carrier every week, several times. I already have recommended the ERGO to my friend, and my friend bought one. Do yourself a favour, get this carrier over ALL the others!" - April 09

Alison, mum of 1, says: "The Ergo is brilliant for getting my baby to sleep when we are out and about. When we use the sleep hood it blocks out everything and she instantly relaxes and goes to sleep quickly. Also, I am fairly small and my baby now weighs about 20 pounds and I can carry her easily as the weight is on my hips rather than my back. Overall, I am very pleased with the carrier." - April 09

Alison, mum to twins, says: "Fantastic product for the right baby.  I have twins now weighing 16 and 18 lbs.  With one it is incredibly comfortable and she loves snuggling into my chest.  With the other, it can be uncomfortable as she has a habit of leaning out.  Overall however I would definitely recommend this product.  Even at these weights you do not get back ache as the majority of the weight is transferred through your hips." - April 09

Hannah, mum of 1, says: "Hi Jackie, I received the ERGO this morning. I have only tried him in it tummy to tummy so far, (the way I want it until he is a little bigger), but I love it! Brilliant. I wondered round the house with him for ages, one contented baby, one happy mum. So comfortable, no more putting him down because my arms are tired. I'm off to try it out and about - a great sense of freedom with no pram! Thank you for getting it to me so quick. My only regret is not ordering one six months ago!!! Thanks again, Hannah p.s. I'll take your cards with me to parent-baby group when I go - I won't be able to resist showing off to the other mums!!!" - Feb 09

Louise, mum of 2, says:  "Jackie,  Love it, Love it, and love it!  Best thing I ever bought.  Essential for any mum with two children!  I love the convenience of being hands free and the closeness to my baby.  The Ergo is essential for two children especially when one is learning to walk, you can still cuddle your little one when your big one is holding your hand, effectively allowing you to do the impossible and cut yourself in two so everyone gets some mummy time! And I don’t care if you use my name as long as you spell it correctly as this product is so fab."  (spellt  L-O-U-I-S-E )  :)   - Sept 08

Anna, mum of 1, says: " My baby is only just big enough to spread his legs and to be able to see over the top!  We have been to the supermarket once and it made for a very successful trip.  Comfortable and easy to get in and out.  I have found it really useful around the house so I can try to get some more of my jobs done.  I am sure I will be even more pleased with the carrier when we have had more opportunity to use it." - Oct 08

Nikki, mum of 1, says: "Yes, the Ergo carrier has arrived and baby Eddie is currently on my back - still getting used to it himself I think  - we usually have a niggly few minutes and then he is off to sleep! Look forward to receiving the sucking pads." - Sept 08

Joanne, mum of 1, says: "This is the only carrier I know that can do birth through toddler, so saves buying 2 separate carriers.  The carrier gives support in the areas you need it & is very well designed." - Sept 08

Louise, mum of 1, says: "Hi Jackie,   Thank you for lending me your Ergo. I really enjoyed using it. I thought it was great for babies of Jacks age (10 months) and above. It's supportive and comfortable without being bulky or overly structured. It was easy to wear, use and adjust and the padding meant that even at Jacks weight, the straps didn't dig in. In this way, it was better than my mei tei as this needs the straps to be 'just so' to be comfortable. It did take a few go's to get used to putting Jack in the back carry but practice makes perfect! I used it for short journeys such to the shops and Jack loved it so I think it would've been really useful for longer walks on holiday etc. It's not too 'girly' like the mei tei either so I think even my husband would've worn it!"   -July 08

Cathy, mum of 1, says:  " I have been "very satisfied" using the Ergo.  I have only worn my baby with the ergo on the front so far, but have found it much easier on my back than other baby carriers as my baby has gained weight.  I am using the carrier a few times a week when out shopping in the supermarket and in town and yes, I would recommend it to others.  The Ergo is a carrier which is quick and easy to use, comfortable and will have a long lifespan.   My daughter is nearly 7 months old and we have been using the Ergo for approximately 2 months. She enjoys it when we play peekaboo using the hood.  - Sept 08

Pippa, mum of 2, says:  "I am very satisfied with the Ergo carrier.  I have a very weak shoulder after several operations and I had almost given up the idea of a carrier all together.  After trying several different options I couldn't find one that was right for me but then I came accross the Ergo carrier.  I cross the straps at the back in an X and it is so padded and comfy I can now wear it for hours without discomfort,  I can't hold my baby in my arms for 10 minutes without discomfort and he is so safe and secure in the Ergo.  He loves the closeness and being able to see everything and get involved in everything which he cannot do from his pushchair.  Every week I use it to go to the market and places it would be easier not to take the pushchair, I sometimes use it to walk the dogs and if he is unwell or acting over stimulated I put him in the sling for security.  I am satisfied with using the infant insert.  Its good for what it is but I found it uncomfortable after a while and the babys weight is not so easily centred, but works well and keeps them warm and in the right position.   Yes, I would recommend the Ergo to others. It is multifunctional, comfortable, affordable, and great for when you just can't or don't want to put them down.  You really should get this sling wider known its far better than the baby bjorn things that cost more and so easy and comfortable to wear."  - Sept 08

Nicola, mum of 1, says:  "I have just started using the carrier in the last 6 weeks, once Erin was 4 months old.  She loves it, and it gives me such freedom. Once she was able to turn her head to see to either side of me clearly she thought it was great. I haven't carried her on my back yet, as I think she is still a bit small. Overall it is wonderful, liberating, and of course pain free!!! Oh and she adores sleeping in it.  After borrowing my baby carrier, my sister was thrilled with it, along with her daughter!! Now, she is interested in buying one...    - Sept 08

Catherine, mum of 1, says:  "My 16 month old is happy and seems comfortable in the carrier. I do occasionally feel achey, but since buying the carrier have seen reviews that suggest it is not as suitable for small framed people, so this could be why.  I use the Ergo occasionally -very useful for buggy unfriendly walks on holiday! I haven't used it as often as I would like, but think that if I'd had the carrier from early on I would have been much more in the habit of putting it on and always having it with me.  I am pleased with the carrier and, depending on what a person was looking for in a carrier I would recommend it.  My only reservation in recommendation would be the price compared with other slings/carriers that are available. It's great that it is so lightweight and a good space saver.  - Sept 08


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