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We do have a lot of fun interaction with our babies in class and signing at home...  so here are a few glimpses for you! 

If you and your Baby have any signing photos to add, please email them to me!


Suzanne is signing "food"






Suzanne is signing "more"





Suzanne is "all done" eating in her highchair








Suzanne signs "all done"







Eden is 16 months, telling us that "thank you" and "hungry"




Jo and Baby Charlotte, Angela and Baby Katanu, and Louise and Baby Lara are all signing along to the Hello Song in class.




Estella and Baby Chiara & Dani and Baby Henry-James sign "Milk"








Here is a little look at a few signers in action!




Leah, Peter, and Baby Felicity are signing to the "Dinosaur Stew" song in class.

It's one of Peter's favourite songs!







Suzanne signs "More"





Suzanne and Andy tell us they are watching the " Hippos"






Jackie and Suzanne sign "Elephant"




Suzanne and Jackie sign "Lion"








Suzanne and Jackie sign "Giraffe"





Suzanne shows Dolly how to say "All Done"






Suzanne asks for "Water"




Suzanne tells us the the Hippos have an hurt themselves whilst fighting. 

She is signing "Pain"




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