Why I love my ERGObaby Carrier!

As a mother of three young children, the ERGO Baby Carrier has been my constant companion over the last 7 years and has become a way of life for me.  So many of my friends have tried my ERGO on and wanted to buy them... I started to sell them through my Baby Signing business. So, why does my family love the Ergo baby carrier so much? Simply, because it is such a good carrier. The Ergo does what it says on the tin... helps you carry your baby / child comfortably, happily, for long periods of time... and it helps me and my children happily & harmoniously get on with our busy and active lives together. Here is a photo of me and my sister-in-law with our firstborn "babies" - aged 4 and 3 at the time.

If Baby ain't happy, Mama ain't happy... 

There are lots and lots of ways that the Ergo helps my day with my children go better... here are some of them listed below. Looking at them, you will realise that many of the benefits listed below are benefits of babywearing.  But babywearing isn't fun if the carrier you are using isn't comfortable!  The Ergo is by far the best baby carrier I have tried because the it is very comfortable to wear for long periods, it is light, portable, & supports my baby and my body in a natural position, and it offers me the flexibility necessary to carry whichever child needs carrying.

The Ergo baby carrier helps me to get through the tasks of my day, whilst keeping my children happy. When I am trying to make dinner for the rest of my family and my baby won't settle unless I hold her... without a carrier, my options are either to get on with dinner and let the child cry, or leave dinner to soothe the baby until someone else starts to cry because they are hungry!  The number of times I have cooked dinner with a child in my Ergo is countless... and add to the list hoovering (my baby is scared of the hoover), mowing the lawn, shopping, and even (once) cleaning the loo... There are times when it is lovely to sit and cuddle your child for hours on end... and other times when you just need to get a few things done!

The Ergo baby carrier helps me protect my children from danger.There are lots of everyday dangers that we must be vigilant about with our children and I use the Ergo quite a lot with this in mind.  Manuevering two young children through a busy car park to the shop is helped by reducing the walkers to one, especially because my youngest still thinks it is funny to run away when I ask her to come.  It goes without saying that there are also dangers with wandering children... airports and busy crowds can be a nightmare. 

I also appreciate the Ergo when I am forced to use a public loo. Not only does it keep my precious, yoghurt-covered toddler-ette away from the filth of the floor, toilet, and all those fun-looking bins in the corner, but it means I have my hands free to assist my preschooler and, if need be, use the facilities myself. Of course, there are also those very important moments when I need both my hands free to help my big girl learn to rollerskate safely...  and little one gets to watch the comedy from her seat on my back!

The Ergo baby carrier helps me to ensure that my children have the sleep they need each day. Don't get me wrong, I do like my children to nap at home in their beds... but this is not always possible!  When I need to be out and about, I always have my carrier with me... and whether it is normal naptime, or time for a little additional snooze, I know that my children will be able to fall asleep if they want / need to.   Each Monday I teach my Baby Sign Language classes, and my little girl loves to play and sing along... until it is nap time!  Then she starts to fuss (and sign "milk!") at which time she is loaded up onto my back for naptime.  She then happily takes her daily nap tucked up on my back inside my Ergo, while I continue to teach, sing, and carry on with the class.  As I always have my children with me when I teach, it would be much more difficult for me if she wasn't happy falling asleep in the carrier. I recently went to Tesco's after picking my eldest daughter up from playgroup in the afternoon.  While my youngest was well rested and happy in the trolley, the day at playgroup had obviously been taxing for poor Suzanne, who requested to go in my carrier and promptly fell asleep for the duration of the big shop.  Ok, so she was heavy (she was 4!) and I could definitely feel her weight on my body, but the prospects would have been grim for me as a mum had I not been able to carry her and let her rest.  It is not easy for a child to fall asleep in a shopping trolley... so would I have ditched the shopping and gone home without the milk and bread?  Or face the wrath of an over-tired 4 year old for an hour of shopping, whinging, crying, demanding, and generally embarrassing me in front of everyone at the shop?

The Ergo baby carrier makes my daughters happy. My daughters all like to "ride in my pouch," as they refer to it.  They like to be close to me, like to be able to talk with me while they get a good view of things around them.  They like to get out and walk when they want to, and come back to me for a ride when they are tired.  My girls are comforted by being so close to me, and it is great to have the Ergo close at hand the day after injections, if they are feeling under the weather, or to soothe an injured child while you walk home for the plaster!  My 8 year old daughter still regularly begs to be carried! When I have agreed to this just to humour her, it is for a very short ride - though I did carry her all the way home from school recently when she was poorly (20 minute walk!).

Here's an article I wrote in October 2009 about children / babies sleeping in the ERGO.

Ok, so I am a “modern” mum.  I don’t stay at home every day or I would go mad… and so my babies, be they tiny or not-so-tiny, come out with me.  We go to the park, Tesco’s, do the school run twice a day, teach my baby signing classes, go to music groups, coffee clutches around other mum’s houses, walk around the park …  and lucky for my still napping babes, they get to carry on with their napping even if we are out and about, thanks to my most favourite baby item, the ERGObaby Carrier. While there are many, many reasons why I would cry blood if I was separated from my ERGO, the value of my carrier increases any time my child needs to sleep.  The happiness and relief I feel of having this amazing “Mummy-tool” is highlighted even more when I see some poor mum trying to push a pram and a shopping cart around, trying to calm a tired baby whilst chasing after her other toddler….

My babywearing started with the birth of my first child 5 years ago.  I bought a Baby Bjorn, and my little one was happy to look around, doze off, and generally get on with her normal wake / sleep routine whilst being carried.  When she got too heavy, I bought a second-hand framed backpack, despite my “carrier-envy” of the lovely-looking ERGObaby Carrier, which was expensive!  In this year, my daughter spent a lot of time in the framed backpack… more time than other framed users, I would guess.  I took her on walks in the park, of course, and to the Zoo…  but also to ASDA and the Town Centre in the bulky thing.  One big failure of the framed backpack is that when my daughter did fall asleep in it, her head bobbed all over the place.  She was held high up behind me with nowhere for her head to rest.  Now she may have slept in it, but I am sure that it wasn’t the best thing for her little neck, nor did it probably provide her with high quality sleep! 

When I finally decided to go ahead and spend the money on an ERGObaby Carrier, all my expectations about comfort, wearability, and SLEEP QUALITY were met and exceeded!  The difference is that beyond the ERGO being super mummy-friendly (read: comfy, easy to use, helps your posture, doesn’t hurt your shoulders, can take newborn – 5 years), babies sleep brilliantly in it!  Your child rests their tired head against mummy’s cozy chest and they are off to dreamland while mummy gets on with her busy life!  Even when on your back in this carrier, their little heads don’t roll around, because of the “sleeping hood” which gently holds their head against your back.  Result is comfy, quality sleep whenever your child desires, wherever you are, whatever you are doing.  I can continue to poodle around Tesco’s and get food to fill my family’s nearly empty fridge, while my happily napping baby gets the valuable sleep that they need.  I have been a mum for 8 years and used the ERGO for 7 years with three children…. And the ERGO is definitely my personal “best baby buy”.  While my baby was under the age of 19 months, I was never out of the house without my ERGO.  I have turned the car around to go home and pick it up when I have forgotten it, and have lent it out for a total of 36 HOURS to a friend…  I used my carrier daily, several times a day, in and out of the house, and even to help my baby to drift off to sleep when we were at home.  Even though my “baby” is now 2.5 yrs and walks everywhere and hardly naps, I still panic if she is sleepy / cranky and I haven’t got my ERGO with me! When baby #3 arrived in Feb 2010, I have to admit to feeling a bit queasy with apprehension about getting two children and a newborn up, dressed, fed (& breastfed!) and out the door for school by 8:30am everyday…  So beyond having my trusty ERGO at hand, complete with Infant Insert for newborns, I purchased a babywearing coat to go over both baby and I on those long, cold school runs!  To me, a good baby carrier is the only way to baby-proof the school run and our family’s busy schedule… Bring on the mobile breastfeeding and sleeping, I say!   Despite any concerns I may have had about being a mother of three, I am still enjoying wearing my "little one," who is now starting Pre-School!

Let's talk about the Ergo Baby Carrier itself:

The Ergo Carriers are really easy on your body, as a wearer, because they spread the child's weight nicely between your hips and shoulders, like a really good hiking backpack does. 

Also, your child is carried close to your body and the carrier is really comfortable for them, too.  My daughters both love to be close to me and I use the carrier to soothe them when they are ill or wanting to be cuddled, as well as using it as a means of transport.  That is the nice part about babywearing, it is a delightful part of everyday life for me... even if we haven't left the house!

The Ergo carriers let you carry your children from birth to 5 years (or when you decide that they are just too heavy!) on your Front, Back, or Hip.  I like the front carry for lots of huggy, cuddly time, and the back carry when they want / need to be held, but you need to get on (and cook dinner!)  I have started recently to use the hip carry more often, and it is nice to have the communication and cuddliness of the front carry, with the child being able to look forward at what you are doing / looking at... I used it the other day at the Zoo, for instance. I bought my Ergo carrier when my eldest child was 2 years old, and loved using it with her when we were out and about shopping, hiking, or just hoovering the house.  When my second child was born, I put her in it as soon as she was able to spread her legs into the spread/squat position around my waist. My third child went straight into the ERGO as a newborn with the Infant Insert.

If you buy a carrier from me, I will be really happy to help advise you via telephone, email, or in person on how to wear it and make it comfortable. 

I hope that this has helped you to decide... but I will happily answer other questions if you email me!

If you do invest in the ERGO Baby Carrier, I know that you won't be disappointed!


For helpful, friendly assistance contact: Jackie Fewtrell







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